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About CSCLotto

CSCLotto is a cryptocurrency lottery website that runs on the CasinoCoin test network. The purpose is to showcase the power and speed of the CasinoCoin blockchain and it’s native currency CSC, and act as a use case demo in the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager app.

CSCLotto is not a real money gambling site. CSC wagered on the site cannot be redeemed for any other currency, fiat or crypto, and they have no value outside of CSCLotto. Test CSC can be claimed for free directly from the CasinoCoin Foundation through CasinoCoin Testnet Faucet.

We encourage the CasinoCoin community to test the different games and functions on this website and report to us their feedback. This will help us with further developing the website and enhancing it's technology. You can submit your feedback either via Email or through our Discord Community Chat

Contact Us

If you have any questions about CSCLotto or CasinoCoin, feel free to Contact Us.